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Magnificent Creature by MinnemannE Magnificent Creature :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 5 0 Rilasciato by MinnemannE Rilasciato :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 1 0 Portrait of Kristel by MinnemannE Portrait of Kristel :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 4 2 Altair Ibn-La Ahad by MinnemannE Altair Ibn-La Ahad :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 4 0 Ezio Auditore da Firenze by MinnemannE Ezio Auditore da Firenze :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 3 0 Ezio Auditore by MinnemannE Ezio Auditore :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 3 0 Tallinn by MinnemannE Tallinn :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 3 5 Lighthouse by MinnemannE Lighthouse :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 3 0 Tattoo design by MinnemannE Tattoo design :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 2 6 Kalipso by MinnemannE Kalipso :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 2 3 Jack-out-of-office! by MinnemannE Jack-out-of-office! :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 5 5 The Past... by MinnemannE The Past... :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 1 7 Disco by MinnemannE Disco :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 2 0 Insomnia by MinnemannE Insomnia :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 1 5 Little Stallion by MinnemannE Little Stallion :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 9 6 :Lost_ by MinnemannE :Lost_ :iconminnemanne:MinnemannE 3 3

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I Am Beautiful Contest
Please see my journal entry on the contest for more information, as well as updates on the contest, and consider taking the time to fave this article to spread the word!  We're going for a big wonderful feel-good contest event here.  :love:
I am Beautiful!
I've been working out all the details for this contest over the last couple months, and we're finally ready to announce it and open up for entries!
We're going to delve into ourselves and find something beautiful.  Because too many people feel a great deal of self-hatred and can't see anything good in themselves.  Everyone does it, on some level.  So this contest is meant to help you get past that and build a little self-confidence.  Even if you're already confident, you can find something about yourself to love that maybe you haven't before.  Challenge yourself!
This theme is
:iconkraven42:KRaven42 106 56
Ouverture: Tragedie de la vie
There were times at which,
my love, I couldn't take my eyes off you.
We were two bodies--two counter-melodies--woven together
in an eternal dance, two bodies who clashed with dissonance,
but meshed like a perfect hemiola.
There were times at which,
my darling, I melted in your open arms.
You and I, the mellow Bassoon and the witty Piccolo,
an odd pair playing our brief duet, marching in perfect time
(one, two, one, two, left, right) to the tattoo of the drums.
There are times at which,
my dear, All I see in you is...what if?
I'm trying to pick up the blue notes and throw them together,
after you broke the melody because you rushed the last beat.
Every measure becomes muddy, and I'm losing the tempo.
There will be times at which...
--I'll run out of names for you.
Or maybe that day has already come.  We were playing Mozart, or Chaminade,
then're into heavy metal so sharp I feel the chords slitting my throat.
There's no more melody--it's all become shouting, and
:iconkraven42:KRaven42 4 10
more than admiration
I'm a little shy and starving for some love
In case you couldn't tell
(but aren't we all?)
They say actions speak louder than words
You've managed to redefine that notion for me.
You're just a faceless figure for now
But my mind has ways of making things up
(sometimes I think I may have made you up.)
Would someone simple like me
Somehow manage to keep you up at night?
I sit in my room still clinging to my sheets
While you write like you've seen the world
(Taking my breath away with every syllable)
Maybe it's just a poet's intuition or something more
I'll leave that up to you to decide.
:iconhushed-lullabies:hushed-lullabies 45 43
This is for you.
My lovely girl,
How can you see the shine in your eyes
when you're always crying silver tears?
You can't see it, but it's there--
a glint of gold that appears when you smile.
We both know that life isn't watercolors
(most of the time, it's mucked up,
and the words we write get scrambled)

all the time.  And you know, more than
I'll ever know: Life Isn't Just A Play.
We all wear our masks to our Midnight Balls,
and swallow the flames that would otherwise
light our way, giving up everything to the
darkness. (Because... well, it's easy.)
But metaphors aside, my lovely girl,
You can see the truth, the one you know
and are so used to, it's a wonder you never
see it COMING.  But you also see, sometimes,
the happier Truth: that yes, you. are. beautiful.
I keep telling you neverforget.neverforget.neverforget.
Never Forget:
There are angels looking out for you.  a l w a y s.
And the only way to keep on living,
is to look for
:iconkraven42:KRaven42 9 11
26.700 kiri by Tai-L-RodRigueZ 26.700 kiri :icontai-l-rodriguez:Tai-L-RodRigueZ 64 26
June 2011 Haikuthon
31.  Sunset reflecting
across calm waves.  Dark storm clouds
over head.  Brooding.
30.  High heels on hardwood.
Click-clack.  Click-clack.  Broken hearts
going up in flames.
29.  She calls 911,
panicked and crying.  Problem?
No chicken nuggets.
28.  Lost in the sheets, we
spread love like rib-bones, breathing,
soft, for each other.
27.  Bitten red apple.
Far worms peek from the core.  Bruised
skin hides rotting seeds.
26.  Wild stallions
dance across idle plains.  Tan
manes.  Dust in the wind.
25.  Bikini-clad girl:
California's sunshine
has faded away.
24.  California:
hippies with dreadlocks and girls
wearing bikinis.
23.  Dear boy:  your doe eyes
are striking, large and wild
under your antlers.
22.  Memories of you slither,
waspish, through these empty rooms.
21.  Cape in the wind, hand
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 22 70
Insanity's Orientation
Let's start with how I always used to converse with my cat,
and was always surprised when he wouldn't reply.
He was a person, even though he hated  it
when I reminded him of this simple fact
while I played with his hairy, old man ears.
You just find somethingone,
like your boyfriend's arms,
that who reach out to you,
and you feel your heart throb
as you get into an argument with
those moronic stairs after they suddenly attacked you.
Just take your time to shake hands with the wind
and start shouting more at the TV than the Fox anchors.
Because, sweetheart, you're still only on Day One.
:iconkraven42:KRaven42 4 9
faces keep disappearing from the crowd,
plucked by the claws of Fate and carried away.
screaming faces, with blood trickling
down from their crying eyes
and over their wind-chapped lips,
laughing faces, stretching
their jaws and singing, they're coming
to take me away
--oh, how they laugh.
faces never reappear once they're gone,
except in photographs that captured
the spontaneity of the moments of joy
only to be lost
to mold and dust,
lost to
landfills of forgotten faces
stretch across somewhere they can't be seen.
whether they seek refuge from the memories,
or Fate was summoned to collect them,
they've all been lost
to one carelessness or another.
:iconkraven42:KRaven42 2 8
Alone and Waiting...
To think that tonight I waited for thee,
only to wish I could no longer see
for I was met my silence and an empty screen,
making me grow even more lean.
We're separated by the sea
and I wish I could be with you or you with me.
I wonder if either of us had foreseen
what these feelings would mean...
Waiting and waiting...
Only to find the sunny day was raining.
Finally I can see once more,
but hours go by and I go to my room, closing the door
that hides these tears that continue to flow.
I feel even more low
for waiting all day
only to be turned away
when all I wanted to know
was why you loved me so..
If only I hadn't been met with this emptiness
I wouldn't be feeling this sadness.
Even so I love you, my dear goddess.
:iconrandomaki:RandomAki 1 6
Mature content
Mirror-fogged memories. :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 4 10
The Sadist
"...Open heart surgery."
"With a spoon?!"
:iconkraven42:KRaven42 27 26
Never Fade Away
When the world comes crashing down
You know I'll be the one who sticks around
To hold you as we fade away
But when that day comes I'll be left with one thing to say
You know what I'd say
"I just wish this moment would stay
I know our lives may end today
But our dreams will never waste away"
Because when your world hits the ground
You know I'll be the one who sticks around
To pick up the pieces, yet to be found
All I have left to say is,
"Our dreams will never fade today."
:iconlinkzelda106:linkzelda106 3 10
The end of the world is gray.
It is all ash, and what color remains is anemic and washed-out in a defeated,
this-is-what-we-were sort of way. Because these enormous, flashy
billboards, these towering pillars of glass—this was everything we ever were.
The end of the world is quiet.
Nobody shouts. Nobody speaks. Nobody laughs. And there are no TVs that work or
buses that run or music that plays. Because there is nobody left to shout or speak
or laugh or drive or sit in front of his or her TV. And if there was ever music,
it has died in my throat or maybe somewhere in my heart.
The end of the world is empty.
Buildings lean against each other, sighing, crumbling away. Rafters shift and
masonry cracks, belching small puffs of white dust. Heavy iron struts that are
shaped like crosses rust in the rain, but nobody worships them.
The end of the world is cold.
It rains sometimes, but even the rain is respectfully quiet of its empty planet.
It is careful to soften its pitter-patter b
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 125 66
I'm high.
I dunno bout you.
:iconebabietiac:EbabIetiac 2 2


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This little action on your tongue is like a revelation
This little touch on my skin leads to another revolution

When I

Can feel cold hands roaming down on my spine, so deep
I secretly wish, with your heart, that I could sink in this high speed . . .

. . . of lies
While you're draggin' me down
Then pullin' me back up

My mouth is shut while you observe my face
But I open up slowly when your lips are finding me

And I

Can feel a spark inside my soul while you're killing it
I just grow up to become king of fools in your losers game . . .

. . . of lies
While you're tearin' me apart
Then draggin' me down

I've mistakenly painted a wrong surreal
Yet she's so beautiful and unreal

A girl that doesn't exist but still can hurt
A girl that is really you but who simply can't turn . . .

. . . around


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